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Hook Point – Valdez, AK

On a beautiful sunny day we hop in the 172 and take off from the Valdez headed out to Hook Point.  This is a beach landing on an amazing Alaskan rugged coastline.  The shores are filled with tall pine trees and jagged rock formations.  The beach at low tide has more than enough room for landing.  A tidbit of information for those of you unaccustomed to beach landings.  You want to put the plane down on the dark colored sand.  This is the part of the beach that still is fairly damp which allows the sand to be very firm.  If you land on the light colored dry sand you can easily flip your plane onto its nose.  Just a disclaimer here.. Never attempt landings like this unless you receive some training first.

This beach happens to be give you acces to a cabin put up by the forest service for fly-in stays.  Its a nice little A-Frame structure with a wood stove a little loft and a couple of bunks.  A great little weekend getaway.  Make sure you sign the guest book if you do end up visiting.