Live Sectional HowTo

I spent a good couple of months working on streamlining this process so my fellow pilots can quickly get one of these fun live sectional maps up and running at their home, flight club, local airport, office, or all of the above. ūüôā ¬†In this post you’ll find a detailed shopping list, step by step […]

Evening Flight PAVD

Finally got some time to do a little editing. ¬†We took off from Valdez Alaska at 9:30 PM in early June. ¬†The next few videos I’ll be posting in the coming weeks are from this flight. We were up for an hour and a half and were in day conditions the entire flight. ¬†Got back […]

Flying Columbia Glacier

Columbia Glacier is a masive sheet of ice winding its way down through rugged peaks on its way to Prince William Sound located just outside the town of Valdez Alaska. In this video we fly down the flow and across the face of the glacier. ¬† Music in this episode ¬† Intro ¬† Artists: Dan […]

Flying the Mineral Creek Valley

Im really excited about the next few videos I’ll be sharing with you all. My family and I were able to go home to Valdez Alaska to visit the grandpa and grandma for a week. The weather was very cooperative and we were blessed with blue skies and snow capped mountains. I broke our first […]

An Afternoon Flight

Spring time offers a nice breath of fresh air and the beginnings of longer days. ¬†Getting out flying after work is near impossible during the winter. ¬†By the time you get out to the plane and do your preflight you had better be night current. ¬†With daylight stretching later into the evenings I was able […]

Spring Flying Over Frozen Lakes

On a beautiful spring day. ¬†Winds were light and variable and skies were clear below 12,000. ¬†A perfect day for an afternoon flight. ¬†Glenn and I hopped in the plane and went out for a little sight seeing over areas he duck hunts in the fall. ¬†From there we flew north up to Lake Kabetogma […]

Border Flying

A co-worker of mine has a yearly camping trip with some buddies up on Namakan lake¬†that borders Minnesota and Canada. ¬†He has been a little hesitant to go flying with me. ¬†I’ve had my ticket for a couple of years now and pester him often in the office to go up for a flight with […]

A Long Cross Country

My wife (Erin) has relatives who live over in Door County Wisconsin. ¬†We visit them every other year or so which typically involves about an eight hour drive from our place in northern Minnesota. I’ve been thinking of taking the next trip out there by air as it would drastically reduce the travel time. ¬†We […]

Little Flyers

Flying is quite the passion. ¬†It gives those lucky enough the opportunity to see sights few others experience. ¬†Im sure like most if not all of you I really enjoy taking people up flying. ¬†I really enjoy getting the opportunity to take people up for their first GA flight. ¬†I’ve had my ticket for a […]

Getting Current

91 days. Thats how long it had been since my last flight. This winter has not provided me with the best flying weather one can imagine. With the polar vortex and just general IFR days you get with a change in seasons, I had watched the last three months slip by without a flight. I’m […]