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I’ve been looking for a nice digital logbook that I can use on my iOS devices, and sync to my computer.  I of course also keep a physical version of my log book, but I like to have a digital one as well since I have the ability to add other content to it like pictures that I can’t do in my normal logbook.  What I found that has worked really well for me is an app called Bento for iPad ($4.99) or Bento for iPhone ($4.99).  It is a database application created by the same people that make File Maker.  The app on the iPad, and iPhone can work independently, or can sync with the Bento application ($29.00) on your Mac computer.

Once you have Bento installed on your iPad or iPhone open up this page on your iOS device and click on the LogBook Template Link below.  It will download and give you the option to open the template in Bento.  Once you have done this you can edit the Tail Number, Plane, and CFI fields to meet your needs.  Watch the video above for a run through on how to add your flights into your new digital logbook.



  1. Purchase Bento – Bento for iPad ($4.99) – Bento for iPhone ($4.99)
  2. Download LogBook Template
  3. Watch the video above on how to customize and use the template.


Download Bento LogBook Template


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