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My log book arrived in the mail today.  With my dad’s recommendations I ended up getting an ASA-SP-30.  I am looking forward logging my first hours in it sometime in May when my dad gets down here and my flight instruction begins.  The one thing I’m concerned with this whole book thing is the fact that I have to actually write in it.  My handwriting / spelling is less than stellar and I don’t want to make mistakes when I’m filling it out.  It is also such a small area to work in that I feel errors are going to be almost unavoidable.  Anyway, just wanted to keep you all up to date with my quest towards getting my pilots license.

2 thoughts on “Log Book”

  1. Good luck on the flight training. It is something that I have always wanted to do also. When I was in high school I actually took the ground school training and passed a practice test, but never got around to taking the actual test.

    Is your dad going to be your flight instructor?


    1. So far it’s been a lot of reading. My dad will be my CFI. My parents will be down sometime near the end of May. I’m hoping we can get started up in the plane at that point. I’m certainly ready for that as reading the “Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge” can get a little dry at times. 🙂

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