Cross Country Solo

During my flight training one required element is a long distance cross country.  I learned a lot from this flight.  As I edit the video I cringe at how I handled landing in KBJI.  There were two King Air planes flying ILS pattern work.  I was very concerned about these faster planes over taking me […]

Spring Training Flight

With the days getting longer and the daylight savings change there has been a nice bump in the number of hours available for flying after work.  It is really nice to see the sun setting later and later each week. With snow still covering the landscape I take off one evening for a sunset training […]

Winter Flying Preparation

Now that winter has officially arrived we have had a few snow storms, but some chilly sunny days as well. These days are amazing. Blue bird days with a white blanket of snow covering the ground. It makes for some beautiful views when you are soaring above the trees. My last flight was a cross […]

Training Flight in Alaska

In this training flight we take off from the Valdez Alaska airport PAVD.  We work on a couple steep turns in the mountain terrain.  We move into slow flight and practice a couple of stalls before practicing an engine out emergency procedure with a forward slip on final approach.  This training flight was really beautiful […]

Fall Flying Photos

Flying in Northern Minnesota in the fall produces some amazing views.  Some of these photos I enhanced with the clarity feature in my Camera+ app on my iPhone which usually makes the photos pop a little more.  On some of these it blew the fall colors out of control a bit.  It is over the […]

Soft Field Off Runway

My first opportunity to land on a beach just off the south coast of Alaska. I have flown out to this spot a few times as a passenger, but this was my first time landing at this picturesque location. This was also my first real opportunity for soft field landings and departures.

iPad Logbook

I’ve been looking for a nice digital logbook that I can use on my iOS devices, and sync to my computer.  I of course also keep a physical version of my log book, but I like to have a digital one as well since I have the ability to add other content to it like […]

First Solo

Wow!  Solo flight… We woke to a beautiful sunny calm morning at KCQM.  We drove out to the hanger in the early morning light.  The plane sat quietly on the smooth concrete floor of the hanger waiting for its next trip into the skies.  After the hanger door was opened and the fresh air circulated […]

Morning Haze

Another training flight brought us out to the airport around 8:00 AM in hopes of getting up in the air before the winds picked up from the convective weather we had been experiencing throughout the last few days.  After a preflight and filling up the plane with gas we headed out back taxing on KCQM to runway […]

Don’t Anger the Bull

I’m not referring to my CFI.  My latest training flight began at 8:00 AM Sunday morning.  After a preflight and a fill up we were taxing out to the runway.  Todays mission to continue working on landings.  The night before I’d had a few landings completely on my own.  I am still struggling on realizing when I […]