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  1. Hello. I’m currently attempting to make one of these maps for my son who enjoys aviation and decided to use your code but I’m ran into many errors and issues and was wondering if we could converse a but to help me understand better what I need to do. I’m very new to the Raspberry Pi and Python so I apologize for asking a ton of questions. Thank you for your help.

  2. Hi,
    I flew in MN for a bit, Flying Cloud. I am now in a bit warmer climate, Georgia.

    I am having issues with the image file. It extracts to over 15gig.
    I used 7zip and PeaZip with exactly the same results. 7zip did report the file was corrupted. I downloaded it twice. The compressed file size was the same. When decompressing, a bit over 90% shows under 4 gig, but then the last few percent rabidly goes to the 15 gig. What compression software did you use? I wouldn’t think that it should matter, but ……
    Chuck Miller N99NA

  3. Hey! I keep getting the Pi console saying my airport followed by No and then N/A below that. Any idea on how I can fix this?


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