Little Flyers

Flying is quite the passion.  It gives those lucky enough the opportunity to see sights few others experience.  Im sure like most if not all of you I really enjoy taking people up flying.  I really enjoy getting the opportunity to take people up for their first GA flight.  I’ve had my ticket for a couple of years now and in that time I’ve taken 24 different passengers up for flights with a handful of them the flight being their first flight.  Getting to share this with someone is a lot of fun.

My daughter has been up with me a few times.  She will be turning two in April.  She loves to fly.  She will come up to me and say “Daddy plane, daddy plane”.  I’ll ask her if she wants to go flying and she gets a big smile and nods yes.  Here is one of her flights.

I’ve also had the opportunity to bring up both my niece and nephew for their first flights.  Both were on frigid winter days so they were dressed for the occasion.

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